Do we Really go That Far??!!


Now I’m all for pushing the boundaries and for putting myself out when it comes to helping customers but even I have to admit this might be beyond my capabilities….

Got a call last night from a woman who had put petrol in her diesel car.

“Not a problem”  I said, “give me the details and we’ll see what we can do.”

I almost fell off the chair when she said the car was in NAMIBIA.

Now I know we’re good but Namibia in under an hour?!  No-ones that good.

New Anti Mis-fuel Device Fitted by Ford


Ford recently introduced a new Anti Misfuelling device on some of the new Ford range:- The FordEasyFuel Capless refuelling with misfuel inhibitor system.
Basically, its supposed to be impossible to fill a diesel car with petrol if this device is fitted.
I can safely say, after draining the tanks on two Galaxys, one C Max and one Mondeo, it doesn’t work.

Back to the drawing board Mr Henry Ford, Oh and if you can just tell your technical team, who said:-

  1. It’s impossible to drain them, and
  2. even if you get it drained, it’s impossible to re-fuel them with a plastic can,

- they’re wrong. I know because I’ve done both. Several times…

Can I get it Cheaper if you do it Tomorrow?


In the current economic climate, I’m constantly being asked if I can provide any discount to hard pressed customers.   VRD Fuel Assist understands.

  • You have to pay for the wrong-fuel.
  • You have to pay to drain the wrong fuel out of your tank.
  • Then you must start over and pay for more fuel!

Knowing this, at VRD Fuel Assist we will always strive to make it as affordable as possible to resolve your misfuelling nightmares.



Are we a Franchise?


I get asked this question quite a lot and the answer is simple, no we’re not, nor will we ever be.

In my opinion, franchises are about franchises. The focus is on selling a format in a predetermined area. The person taking on the franchise then is told how & where to do business.
VRD Fuel Assist is a professional Mobile Fuel Drain Service. We rescue customers who have misfuelled, 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.
Hypothetically speaking. Imagine finding your car has had only one of its’ twin tanks drained because the franchise paperwork didn’t specify there might be more than one fuel tank…
Not so hypothetically, such things really can happen.
Not with VRD Fuel Assist .
Our focus is on the job.
Our focus is on the expertise & experience required to do the job properly.
Our focus is on YOU, the customer.

We need no Brand Name as an “assurance of quality”.  Our track record speaks for itself.

With VRD Fuel Assist your mixed fuel emergency is in safe expert hands.



Breaking News!


Just to let everyone know, from Monday 26th March 2012, not only can VRD Fuel Assist help you when you’ve misfuelled, we’ll be able to help ensure you never do it again.
This weekend we take delivery of an exciting new product.  We can fit it to your vehicle, at the roadside, and it will help ensure you never mix petrol and diesel fuel again!

Please keep an eye on this site for the launch of this product on Monday, we’ve seen it, we’ve tried it, we like it, and we’re giving it our seal of approval.

Not every company who makes their living from customers mistakes is prepared to try and ensure those mistakes aren’t repeated!

That’s just one of the reasons our customers recommend us!

Price Promise


Lots of people getting in touch with us have called their breakdown cover providers only to find that Misfuelling is not covered by their breakdown cover.

The AA and the RAC will provide a solution, in some cases, via there own mobile fuel drain vans.

BUT we, in almost all cases, can

  • beat the RAC and the AA on price
  • be with you Faster.

So here’s our price-buster promise, call us on
0800 82 509 82 or 07760 750 882 
and we will be cheaper than either the AA or the RAC and that’s guaranteed.